The ancient village of Mutignano

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The ancient village of Mutignano (321 m above sea level) is located halfway between the town of Atri and the sea. It represents the historical root of today’s Pineto and its origin is related to the ancient Hatria Picena, today’s Atri. The settlement dates back to medieval ages. It is set on a hilltop overlooking the sea and the surrounding … Continue reading

The historic centre of Atri


In reference to the submission for the inclusion of the Atri-Cerrano site on the UNESCO World Heritage List, we can say that the historic centre of Atri is identified as one of three “main areas” (A), together with the Regional Reserve Badlands of Atri (B) and the Tower of Cerrano Marine Protected Area (C) (to this end, you can see the previous post “Submission to UNESCO for the Atri-Cerrano site”). In fact the historic centre of Atri is a well-preserved minor centre of Abruzzo, decorated with the recognition of city of art. Continue reading