The coot


The coot (Fulica atra) is a bird in the Rallidae family. It is about 38 cm long. The plumage is black with white beak and facial shield. The legs and webbed feet are greenish. It lives in freshwater river, lakes and pond of Europe, Asia, northwestern Africa and Australia. These photos were taken at the Cerrano stream mouth. The coot feeds on aquatic plants … Continue reading

The Kentish plover


The Kentish plover (Charadrius Alexandrinus) is a bird in the Charadriidae family. It is a migratory small bird with a solid body, short and well-built neck,  long and thin feet, long and pointed wings. In Italy it lives near water, usually on the sea coast. A peculiarity of this species is to nest on the seaside, usually on sand dunes … Continue reading

The firecrest (Regulus ignicapilla)


Few days ago, while I was walking in the pine grove with my camera, I saw a tiny bird. Its call was similar to zit-zit-zit. It was a common firecrest (Regulus ignicapilla), a small bird in the kinglet family. Since it is 9 cm long, it is considered one of the smallest passerines in Abruzzo. It is a very pretty … Continue reading