Trivia multilirata, the jewel of the Torre del Cerrano Marine Protected Area


After the last wintry coastal storms, on the shore of the Torre del Cerrano Marine Protected Area, especially in Zone B (general reserve), several species of molluscs and some sea stars beached. Thousands of shells of different size covered the shore, and many sea birds, such as gulls, benefited of such a tasty and well-served food. Continue reading

For a fistful of clams


In these days the Torre del Cerrano Marine Protected Area – a Site of Community Importance – is under the attack of clam-trawlers. From time to time these poachers of our sea come and destroy the seabed of the marine reserve in front of everybody’s eyes, indifferent to laws and pleas, just considering the sea and whatever inside their own exclusive property. The clam-trawling lobby is showing to not possess the necessary self-critical spirit to review the management of natural resources and, therefore, solve the crisis in their business. The authorities in charge and everybody’s civil awareness have the moral duty to defend the Torre del Cerrano MPA from these poachers. Continue reading