A beautiful stingray in the waters of the Marine Protected Area

Razza - Ph. Mario Cipollone

This morning, during the usual Sundays’ guided tour, the Cerrano Guides Mario Cipollone and Alberto Miccadei, along with the scout group of the parish church of Sant’Andrea in Pescara, spotted from the top of the Cerrano tower a splendid specimen of stingray swimming near the shore. The elegant animal, probably a common stingray (Dasyatis Pastinaca, L.), seemed in excellent condition … Continue reading

Stranded Stingray in the Marine Protected Area

Razza spiaggiata

Few days ago, a large stingray was found on the shore of the Marine Protected Area Torre del Cerrano. From the photo provided by Andrea Giannangelo, Dr. Giuseppe Simone Militello, owner of Studio GETA, believes that it was a specimen of Common Stingray (Dasyatis Pastinaca, Linnaeus 1758). The common stingray is diamond-shaped and can reach 2.5 m in length and 1.4 … Continue reading

Spot: “Love of the Sea… Love for Life”


We are pleased to announce to our friends and supporters that the video “Love of the sea… Love for Life” has been declared the winner of the category “The sea to live in peace” in the Spot Contest 2012/2013 – All the sea in a minute – organized by the organizing committee of the Biennale Habitat, an international initiative for the protection and enhancement of the Adriatic-Ionian territories in the development of the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region.
“Love of the Sea … Love for Life” (1 minute), made by the Cerrano Guides Alberto Miccadei, Francesco Verrocchio and Mario Cipollone… Continue reading