The territory of Cerrano, indissoluble whole landscape, nature, history, art and architecture, is a huge cultural value to know, protect and enhance. With this blog we want to show our attachment means to a land that we love, but also a living presence of sensitivity, knowledge, ideas and expertise.

Our commitment is a contribution to make all men more aware of the exceptional natural and cultural heritage that surrounds us. In fact, the most difficult task to achieve in our community is fully aware of the true potential of our region, which is related first of all to a real knowledge of it and its history. We would like to bring in our own little stimulus for those who live this territory and to those who watch from a distance with admiration, to be more attentive to certain important issues not only important, but also to things that at first glance seem trivial and Instead, they are often the true wealth that escapes us and that we neglect and bring slowly to oblivion without realizing it.

“Noi Cerrano” wants to be an open window on material wealth and assets that characterize an area where there is still much to discover why you will also try to join and collect useful items to a “science” of knowledge.

Our wish is that the “Cerrano” is not only a physical place, but also a great place in which to find thoughts and relationships in common.

The title “Noi Cerrano” does not want to be a mere indication and brutal and parochial claim of belonging. The “we” is there to say that this beautiful land, as well as other right edges of the Italian territory or the world, belongs to all mankind, and is one of the best events of the relationship between man and environment: this should be done every possible thing to protect and enhance it in the best way.

We want to be the Cerrano proud to live in this area rich in nature and history and to rediscover it and talk about it.

Us with Cerrano could create an example of sharing ideas, projects and unified vision of the territory.

We would like to Cerrano cultural awareness and environmental concerns for a future that is truly sustainable.


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