The place-name Cerrano derives from the stream that comes down from Atri and is made up of the names of two deities. On the one hand Ceres, Roman goddess of earth and fertility, the tutelary deity of the harvest, but also the goddess of birth, for all the flowers, fruits and living beings were thought to be her gifts. On the other hand Uni, the main Etruscan goddess, the mother of the universe, the protector of pregnant women, the dispenser of maternal power and nutrition for the living creatures, for prosperity and growth.

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With Terre del Cerrano, we mean the classic Ager Hatrianus which included the whole current territory of the municipalities of Atri, Silvi and Pineto, and is ideally enclosed between the Vomano river and the Piomba river. This area is renowned for its intense historical sedimentation, begun with pre-Roman settlements, through the testimonies of the ancient port which served as a port of call for the Roman Hatria, and the presence of the Tower of Cerrano that, apart from being a bulwark to defend the coast from Saracen raids, also defended the historic port of Atri.


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