Botanical orienteering in Cerrano Tower


On 18 April 2013, as part of the environmental education programme of the Marine Protected Area Torre del Cerrano for the current year, the first botanical orienteering game was held in the botanical garden of Cerrano Tower by Professor Antonio Antonucci of the University of Padua and the Cerrano Guides Mario Cipollone and Alberto Miccadei. The game involved two classes … Continue reading

Botanical orienteering game in the “Mediterranean Garden” of Cerrano Tower


This particular kind of orienteering requires a good knowledge of the names of plants, in addition to the ability to read maps.
All participants are provided with a thematic map, which represents the garden on a network with sides of 10 m. The plants are numbered and represented by a projection of the foliage on the ground. At the start, each participant – or groups of participants – is provided with a map of the garden and a container (quiver) with a certain amount of labels corresponding to some plants in the park. The map shows the north and all the buildings in the area. Continue reading