Spot: “Love of the Sea… Love for Life”


We are pleased to announce to our friends and supporters that the video “Love of the sea… Love for Life” has been declared the winner of the category “The sea to live in peace” in the Spot Contest 2012/2013 – All the sea in a minute - organized by the organizing committee of the Biennale Habitat, an international initiative for the protection and enhancement of the Adriatic-Ionian territories in the development of the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region.

“Love of the Sea … Love for Life” (1 minute), made by the Cerrano Guides Alberto Miccadei, Francesco Verrocchio and Mario Cipollone, with the fundamental collaboration of Antonio Dell’Oso, Antun Arduini, Ivanna Brandalska, Paola Lozzi, Roberto De Luca and Emanuele D’Alberto, was shot in October-November 2012 in Pineto and Ortona (Abruzzo, Italy).

Our special thanks to all actors and technicians who made ​​possible the production of this video.



Written and directed by Mario Cipollone

Assistant Directors: Francesco Verrocchio, Antonio Dell’Oso

Photography: Francesco Verrocchio

Soundtrack: Antonio Dell’Oso

Editing: Emanuele D’Alberto


Actors (in order of appearance):

Italian volunteer (red jacket): Alberto Miccadei

Italian volunteer (yellow jacket): Roberto De Luca

Italian volunteer: Paola Lozzi

Croatian ranger (girl): Ivanna Brandalska

Croatian ranger (boy): Antun Arduini


Synopsis: The video “Love of the sea … Love for life” means the Adriatic-Ionian sea as a connection among the cultures that live on its coasts and not the geographical barrier that divides them. Two nations of different languages ​​and traditions are united by their love of the sea and for life, symbolized by the flight of a seagull. Only the clothes of the Croatian rangers and the Italian volunteers are different: an appeal to the Italian institutions to invest more in protecting the marine environment.



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