Documentary: “Cerrano: nature to reveal”


Dear friends, one year after the creation of our blog, we are proud to announce that our documentary “Cerrano: nature to reveal”, is in competition at the “Camogli – International Marine Reserves Film Festival”, held in Camogli (Genoa) on 6-7-8th December. The film was shot at the end of summer 2013 (some scenes were taken last spring) and has a main educational message: nature reveals itself to those who observe.

Here, for now, you can see the trailer:

Genere: Documentario
Durata: 23 minuti
Anno: 2013


The documentary “Cerrano: nature to reveal” shows in 23’ the habitats and elements of the Torre del Cerrano Marine Protected Area, in Abruzzo, an oasis of pine groves, dunes and sea in which several species of plants and animals live.

Some screenshots from the video: