Cerrano Tower, like a lighthouse in the night



On the evening of Sunday, June 23, the full moon was in the closest point to the Earth showing all its brightness in the sky.
The Cerrano Tower was no less so: today, in fact, thanks to the rearrangement of night lighting, we can admire it again, in all its monumental nature, also by night.

In addition to its historical value and besides giving the name to the opposite Marine Protected Area, the Tower has a great value as a Landmark: it is a landscape reference point of big importance, also at a regional level. Besides, it is a strong symbol of tourist and cultural identity of the territory in which it is located.

The moon and the Tower seem to have a dialogue at a distance in the dark scene framed by the night: they metaphorically represent the eternal game between nature and man. The life, of men and of the rest of creation, fortunately seems to find also here, in the Cerrano land, some little moments of harmony.

Francesco Verrocchio