Romulea is back, spring is coming up


Also this year we have been able to see a large Romulea rollii’s flowering on the dunes of the Torre del Cerrano Marine Protected Area (see our last year’s post “Welcome back Romulea rollii!”). The presence of the sea saffron, plant symbol of the MPA, undoubtedly shows a vegetal biodiversity to protect together with the valuable dune habitats that are slowly disappearing from the Italian coasts.
The habitat of these tiny “flowers” is certainly a very peculiar one. They grow on the most internal dunes, not only in meadows but also in the most barren areas, sometimes in human passageways. In fact, this flower is so difficult to be noticed that it often happens to step accidentally on it.
The best measures to preserve dune ecosystems must be taken to avoid common negligence – such as ill-managed towpaths, where interventions indifferent to the natural values of the places could be improperly authorized.